Santa Fe Painting is a Kansas City based, family owned business that was started up by Lorenzo Cadena in 1996. The company provides multipe services with the emphasis on interior/exterior residential and commercial painting.

Lorenzo Cadena decided to leave half way through his junior year of college in his hometown of Chihuahua and immigrated to the United States at the age of 20. He crossed over to El Paso, Texas and from there he hopped on a train that would eventually stop in Kansas City, Kansas. Dangerously ill and suffering from malnutrition due to traveling by train for days, Lorenzo slowly began to recover and make a living in Kansas City. He went from living under the bridges on Southwest Blvd to surviving off the soup kitchens in Argentine. To eventually starting a business that would flourish.

We now use our family business to fund an elite amateur men’s soccer team in KCK that provides opportunities for inner-city youth to play at a competitive level and further opens doors for those same youth to be scouted by professional and collegiate level coaches.


MO & KS.

Tel.: (913) 475 6643